Dairy Technology

Department of Dairy Technology,

CDT, Warud (Pusad)


Brief history of the Department: The major department of the college i.e. Dairy Technology brought in existence in 1992 with the efforts of two eminent scientists Dr. R.V. Tambat and Shri. G. D. Sorate (1992). Afterward, Shri. B. B. Motghare (1994) & Dr. S.P. Changade (1995) made progress of the department by keeping pace with the time. With new entries of staff’s Dr. B. D. Meshram (2003), Dr. S.D. Kalyankar (2008), Dr. S.S. Deosarkar (2008) & Dr. P. D. Sawale (2017), the department has developed facilities for practical exposure of UG student & research activities of DT department. At present, the department is dealing with UG & PG programme. Under dairy technology department (according to 5th dean recommendation), there are 13 courses of 41 credits hours i.e. contributing 30.00% for B. Tech DT Degree programme. Additionally, the department developed adequate teaching materials & involved in imparting field visits activities for the course curriculum partial fulfillment. Apart from teaching, the department has engaged in research, extension, web site &

cultural activities of the college.

The department has its own identification of teamwork, dedication, expertise, skill and punctuality for successfully implementation of proved technologies to the milk producers, entrepreneurs, and farmers through active participation in the Krishi mela’s, shibir, melavas and agricultural exhibitions of the state. Department has organized 15 training/day workshops & 25 on farm demonstrations for empowerment of beneficiaries. The department has successfully completed two ad hoc–Research Project financed by ICAR, New Delhi. Department has published 13 practical’s manuals for B. Tech.(D.T.) students, 12 research, 15 book chapters, 02 books & 10 review articles in reputed national & International journals, 03 booklets, 07 folders, more than 100 popular article’s for milk producers and farmers. In addition to this, the faculty of department is engaged in conducting theory and practical classes of entrepreneurs, farmers during the training organized by institute, NGO, lower education schools, etc.

 Staff Position of Department

Assistant professorAssociate ProfessorProfessor


Teaching Load:

  • Accordingly to 5th dean recommendation: Total credit hours 27T + 14P: 41(13 Courses)

Dr B.D. Meshram    (3+1) + (2+1) = 13 Hrs

  • Prepared 03 Practical Manuals vizDairy Byproducts Technology, Market Milk and Dairy Plant Management and Pollution Control during 2017-18 from ICAR developments grants.

Additional Work load:

Name of FacultyAdditional Workload
Dr. B.D. MeshramHOD
Dr. P.D. SawaleCoordinator of Extension & Training, I/c web site, internet & e tendering, Co-Coordinator of AIEEAPG
Dr. S.S. Deosarkar  I/c Cultural activities, Chairman Women Harassment Committees &


1. Research Project

Sr.  NoProject TitleName of Faculty



2.Studies on comparative appraisal of probiotic dahi prepared from goat milk with that of cow milkDr. S. S. DeosarkarIntramuralOngoing
3,Suitability of pumpkin for preparation of LassiDr. P. D. SawaleIntramuralOngoing
4.Value addition of traditional dairy products of Maharashtra with herb incorporationDr. P. D. SawaleExtramural

Submitted to Science Engineering & Research Board, DST New Delhi

(Rs 28  Lakh)

 Strengthening of lab facility in Student Training Dairy Plant (STDP) for organizing the training programmes”Dr. P. D. SawaleExtramural

Submitted to RKVY, New Delhi

(Rs 123  Lakh)

2. Research Papers/review Published in national/international journals



Name of the authorsTitleName of the Journal with page No. Volume etc.
1.Meshram BD, Shakeel Asgar, Shaikh Adil and Suvartan RanvirChemical markers for monitoring heat damage of processed milk: Review.International Journal of Chemical Studies. 6(1): 2073 – 2081
2.Meshram BD,Shaikh Adil and Suvartan RanvirRobotics: An emerging technology in dairy and food industry:A Review.International Journal of Chemical Studies, 6(2): 440 – 449
3.B.D. Meshram, A.K. Agrawal, Shaikh Adil, Suvartan Ranvir and K.K. SandeBiosensor and its Application in Food and Dairy Industry:A ReviewInt. J. Curr. Microbiol. App. Sci., 7(2): 3305-3324.
4.B. D. Meshram, Shakeel Asgar B. K. Goyal, S. Kartikeyan, A. Khare, Manorama & S. UpritStandardization of method for manufacture of milk cakeInternational Journal of Chemical Studies, 6(3): 3104 – 3109
5.B. D. Meshram, Shakeel Asgar B. K. Goyal, S. Kartikeyan, A. Khare, Manorama & S. UpritStandardization of method for manufacture of milk cake-Part 1International Journal of Chemical Studies, 6(4): 1542 – 1552
6.B. D. MeshramButtermilk based fruit juice beveragesAsian Journal of Dairy and Food research, 34(4):297-29 9(2015)

P.D. Sawale,

And others

Effect of incorporation of encapsulated and free Arjuna herb on storage stability of chocolate vanilla dairy drinkFood Bioscience,19, 142-148

P.D. Sawale,

And others

Release Characteristics of Polyphenols from Microencapsulated Terminalia Arjuna Extract: Effects of Simulated Gastric Fluid.International journal of food properties-Online Published 2 March 2017 (doi.org/10.1080/10942912.2017.1280677

P.D. Sawale,

And others

Stability and quality of Pueraria tuberosa – milk model system.Journal of Food Science and Technology, 52(2):1089–1095

P.D. Sawale,

And others

Isomaltulose (Palatinose) – An Emerging Carbohydrate

(Review paper)Food Bioscience-published online June 2017, vol 18:46-52(doi;10.1016/j.fbio.2017.4.003
11.Suvera, P., P.D., Sawale and P.S. PrajapatiApplication of dietary fibers as value addition in dairy and food products

(Review paper) Indian J Dairy Sci 70(5):491-496 (2017)


12.Moharkar, K. Sawale, P.D., Arora, S. & Singh,  R.R.B., (2013). (DOI:10.1080/09540105.2013.837032).In vivo, Effect of herb (Withania somnifera) on immunomodulatory and antioxidative potential of milk in mice.Food and agricultural Immunology,25(3):443–452

P.D. Sawale,

And others.

Microencapsulation of Herb for Food ApplicationApproaches in Poultry, Dairy & C Veterinary (Scienceshttp://crimsonpublishers.com/apdv/pdf/APDV.000540.pdf)

3. Book Published



Name of the authorsTitleDetails
1Meshram, B. D.,  Datir, R. P., Shaikh Adil, Ranveer S. G.

Question Bank of Dairy Technology and Dairy Engineering,

Jain Brothers Publication, New Delhi, 2018; ISBN – 978- 81-8360-7.
2Ranveer S. G Meshram, B. D.,  Datir, R. P.,

Objective Dairy Chemistry 

Jain Brothers Publication, New Delhi, 2018;   ISBN – 978- 81-8360-258-7.

4. Book chapters published



Name of the authorsTitleDetails
1B. D. Meshram, P. G. Wasnik, Shaikh Adil, Rupesh P. DatirEdible and Bioplastics Packaging: A review. Trends and prospectus in food Technology, processing and Preservation.Today and Tomarrow’s Printers & Publishers, New Delhi. ISBN – 81 – 7019 – 617 – 8. pp: 151 – 181.
2B. D. Meshram, Shaikh Adil, Rupesh P. Datir &S.Ranvir

Fermented products of India and Abroad: A Review

Jain Brothers Publication, New Delhi, 2018;   ISBN – 978- 81-8360-258-7.pp: 361-372
3B. D. Meshram, P. G. Wasnik, K. K. Sande, Shakil Asgar &AK AgrawalInnovative technique in milk processing : A review

Apple Academic press USA,

ISBN –978 – 1 – 77188 – 548-5 pp: 151 – 181.

4B. D. Meshram, A.N. Vyawhare P. G. Wasnik, K. K. Sande, &AK AgrawalMicrowave processing of milk : A review

Apple Academic press USA,

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5P. G. Wasnik, Rekha Menan & B. D. Meshram,Digital Image Analysis: Tool For Food Quality Evaluation

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6B. D. Meshram Gawande H.M., Rokade A. A Vywahare A.NApplication of herb in Dairy & Food Products

Recent Trade In Dairy & Food Processing Paithani Prakashan Aurangabad

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Buffalo Milk.


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Milk: Sources and Composition

The Encyclopedia of Food and Health Volume II:724-728 2016

5. Conferences/Seminar/Symposia/Workshop/Trainings attended 2016-17 & 2017-18



Name of the conference/seminar/symposia/workshop/TrainingFacultyDate
1.Delivered lecture on “Dairy industry: Technological scenario and career prospect”  at CDT ,Warud

Dr. SP Changade

Dr. SS Deosarkar

23-24th April  16
2.Participation in training on “R & D strategies and interventions for effective agribusiness and entrepreneurship development in dairy and food sector” at NDRI KarnalDr. SS Deosarkar16 Sept -6 Oct, 16
3.Best poster award at 3rd Convention of Alumni Association & National seminar at College of Dairy Technology, Warud (Pusad) April 2016Dr. SS Deosarkar23 April 16
4Oral presentation on “Doubling the Farmers Income through dairy Business” in National Convention cum Seminar ‘Doubling the Farmers Income & Farm Profitability by 2022’ held at BBA University, LucknowDr. PD Sawale ,Oct. 28-29. 17
5Presented a lead paper on ‘Herbal Neutraceuticals: Livestock Dairy Products Application’in XXIVth Annual Convection and National Conference of Indian Society of Veterinary and Immunology and Biotechnology on ”Recent Trends in Veterinary Immunology and Biotechnology for Doubling Farmers Income through Livestock Health and Production” to be held at Parbhani Dr. PD SawaleDec. 05-07th 17
6Participation in short course on “Recent advances in utilization of renewable energy and energy conservation ” at PDKV AkolaDr. SS Deosarkar1-10th  Nov. 2017
7To participation GeM (Government emarketing) trainingDr. SP Changade & Dr. PD Sawale15th March 18

6. Paper published in conference



TitleFacultyDetails Name of the conference/seminar/symposia/workshop/Training
1.Effect of pumpkin powder on sensory attributes of kheer.

Shaikh Adil, S. P. Changade, B. D. Meshram, Rupesh Datir, Suvartan Ranveer

Published in “National Conference on Recent Advances in Food Production and Processing Technologies (RAFPPT -2018); 03rd Feb, 2018: pp 11 – 17.23-24th April  16
2.Utilization of Rice Powder for development of Pumpkin based Dried Kheer Mix.Shaikh Adil, S. P. Changade, B. D. MeshramPublished in “National Seminar on Sustainable Rice Production Technology for increasing the Farmers Income; pp 671 – 677.
3.Study on Whey based Fruit Juice Beverages.Meshram, B. D., Shaikh Adil, Suvartan Ranveer, Rupesh DatirPublished in “National Conference on Recent Advances in Food Production and Processing Technologies (RAFPPT -2018); 03rd Feb, 2018: pp 107 – 114.23
4Standardization Of Kheer using Sawan (Echinochloa Frumentacea L.).Meshram, B. D., Chapke, J. S., Shaikh Adil, Suvartan Ranveer, Rupesh DatirPublished in “National Conference on Recent Advances in Food Production and Processing Technologies (RAFPPT -2018); 03rd Feb, 2018: pp 94 – 98.

7. Extension activities:

  1. Organization of Training/workshop/ demonstration to Beneficiaries
Sr. NoTitleChief CoordinatorPlaceDateNo. of Participants
1New Indian Manthan Programme: Sankalp Se SiddhiDr. S. P. ChangadeCDT, Warud23 August 201728
Dr. P.D Sawale
2Five one Day WorkshopsDr. S. P. ChangadeCDT, Warud08 April to 06 May 18200 (Ongoing)
Dr. P.D Sawale
3Women empowerment through  Mfg. of Dairy Products at Cottage levelsS. S. DeosarkarNearby villages of Pusad2017500
  1. On Farm Demonstration Conducted
Sr. NoTitle  Faculty  PlaceYearNo. of Participants
1Clean milk production, quality of milk and Paneer makingS. P. ChangadeBijora201646
2S. S. DeosarkarManjarjawla201651
3S. S. DeosarkarBelora201660
4Women empowerment thr. Mfg. of Dairy Products at Cottage levelsS. P. ChangadeBori201750
5S. S. DeosarkarLoni & Warud201740
  1. Lectured Delivered
Sr. No.Date & LocationFacultyTopicsNo. of Participants

16 March 2016

Shembalpimpri, Pusad

Dr. S. P. ChangadeDairy Business & Global statusMore than 100 Farmers



Dr.PD SawaleCareer opportunity of Agricultural and Allied sector’More than 100 Farmers



Dr.PD SawaleExtension Activities  of collegeMore than 50

01 Jan. 2018  

Hudi, Pusad

Dr. S. P. Changade &  Dr.PD SawaleDairy Bussiness  & milk & milk processingMore than 100


Krushi mahoistav Washim

Dr. PD SawaleTechnology of Mfg. Dairy ProductsMore than 150



Dr. S. P. Changade &  Dr.PD SawaleDairy Bussiness  & milk & milk processing>2000


Districts Bussiness, education & Training , Yavatmal

Dr.PD SawaleManufacturing of dairy products09


NVC, Nagpur

Dr.PD SawaleEconomics Milk Processing10
  1. Extension Publications
Sr. No.TitleFacultyParticulars
01आईस्क्रीमचीओळख: Folder

Dr. SP Changade, Mr. Adil  Shaik, Dr. PD Sawale & Dr. SS Deosarkar: Folder

Published on occasion of College Sliver Jubilee 

Published on occasion of the Five day workshop ”Upliftment of milk producers’ held during 08 April to 06 May, 2018  at CDT, Pusad

02जेलीसमपदार्थनिर्मितीसाठीपनीरव्हेचाउपयोग: Folder
03तरकारीयुक्तसुक्याखीरमिश्रणापासूनखीरतयारकरणे: Folder
04Lkagr nqX/k inkFkZ  :Booklet

Dr. PD Sawale Dr. SP Changade, Mr. Adil  Shaik, & Dr. SS Deosarkar


Dudh Bhukati: Contributed Book chapter


Upliftment of milk producers: Booklet