Dairy Engineering

Dairy Engineering Department at Glance


Department of Dairy Engineering is a major department of the faculty of Dairy Technology established in 1992. The B.Tech. (Dairy Technology) degree program is an industry oriented course by & large aiming to impart the knowledge of milk pertinent post-production operations involving variety of equipment and utilities. Hence, the Dairy Technology graduates are supposed to be proficient in;

  • unit operations, preservation technologies and techno-legal issues
  • handling machinery, automation systems, etc
  • managing operations with minimum toil, health risk, energy consumption and break downs
  • adopting innovative approaches to contribute in Research and Development

The department of Dairy Engineering aims to prepare students through various courses for successfully overcoming the challenges in industrial arena. The details of the courses offered by department of Dairy Engineering at Under Graduate and Post Graduate levels are given.   

UG and PG Courses offered by Department of Dairy Engineering:

Sr. No.Course TitleCreditCourse TitleCredit
1Workshop Practice2 (1+1)Dairy and Food Engineering -I3+0
2Fluid Mechanics3 (2+1)Heat Transfer3+0
3Engineering Drawing1 (0+1)Transport Phenomena2+0
4Thermodynamics2 (1+1)Master’s seminar1+0
5Heat & Mass Transfer3 (2+1)Design of Process Equipment3+0
6Boilers and Steam Generation2 (1+1)Dairy and Food Engineering -II3+0
7Basic Electrical Engineering3 (2+1)Bio-thermal Process Engineering3+0
8Refrigeration &  Air-conditioning3 (2+1)Instrumentation and Process Control2+1
9Dairy Engineering3 (2+1)Master’s research work20
10Dairy Process Engineering3 (2+1)  
11Instrumentation and Process Control3 (2+1)  
12Food Engineering3 (2+1)  
13Material Strength & Dairy Machine Design3 (2+1)  
14Dairy Plant Design and Layout2(1+1)  
15Energy Conservation and Management2(1+1)  
 Total38 (23+15) 41(20+21)

These 15 courses constitute around 40 % of the B.Tech.(Dairy Tech) course curriculum, as per 5th Dean Committees Recommendation.

Staff Position:












ICARs MSHE126   

* includes 1 on Study Leave

Laboratory facilities:

The instruments required for practical classes of some of the courses offered by the department occupy significant space and also being generically different haven been housed in 9 laboratories available with the department. Selected state of art instruments and modern equipment are listed below;

Dynamic Vapour Sorption Analyzer

Vacuum Evaporator

Wet Grinder/ Mixer


Fluidized bed dryer

Specific Heat Apparatus

Bomb Calorimeter

Thermocouple Calibration Unit

Lab Scale Homogenizer

Filtration Unit

Texture Profile Analyzer

Brook Field Viscometer

BOD Incubators

Hot Air Oven

Water Activity Analyzer

Spray dryer

Freeze Dryer

Infra Red Moisture Analyzer

Pouch Packaging Machine

Horizontal Batch Sterilizer

Digital Viscometer

Table top model of spray dryer

Instrumentation tutor

Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System

Temperature Data Logger

Table top fermenter

Separating & Throttling calorimeter

Temperature and Humidity controller

Table Top Cream separator

Table Top Churn

Lab scale Ice Cream Freezer

Work shop tools

Dew Point apparatus

Milking Machine

Air Compressor

Batch Sterilizer

Stefan’s apparatus

SSHE based milk condensation machine

Finned tube heat exchanger

Heat pipe

Specimen of boilers

Specimen of IC engines

Specimen of Pumps

PHE model

Ultra sonic thickness tester

Digital Tachometer

Surface roughness tester

Non-contact thermometer

Vacuum Controller

Digital Manometer

Projects undertaken by the department

Sr. No.TitleFinancing Agency


(Rs. Lakhs)

1.Creation of Infrastructure Facilities for running Degree CourseMin. of Food Proc. Ind, Govt. of India New Delhi37.0 + Cost on 8 EDPs1 & 4 RTP’s2Completed
2.Establishing Sorption kinetics and physical properties of selected fruit based milk shakesICAR, New Delhi6.0 lakhsCompleted
3.nqX/k O;olk;krqu  vkfnoklh fodkl  izf”k{k.k ¼23 Qsczqokjh rs 8 ekpZ 2001½Social Forestry Circle, Akola0.8 lakhCompleted
4.Entrepreneurship Development Programme on Dairy Processing, 14th Nov 2005 to 31st  March 2006, 4  one month Training ProgrammesMin. of Food Proc. Ind, Govt. of India,4.00 lakhCompleted
5.Rheological behavior & modeling of sorption kinetics of Traditional Dairy ProductsRajiv Gandhi Science & Tech. Commission, Govt. of Maharashtra.33.00 lakhCompleted
  1. EDP – Entrepreneurship Development Program
  2. RDP – Rural Development Program
  3. Transferred from other department

PG Research of the Department



01.TitleStorage studies on the Textural Behavior of Selected Dairy Products
 ScholarSP Lokhande
 AdvisorM. Waseem
02.TitleInvestigating  feasibility of developing self heating container for selected Ready-to-Eat food
 ScholarRP Datir
 AdvisorA.V. Dhotre



Associate Professor & Head

I/c Associate Dean & Dean Faulty of Dairy Technology

B.Tech (Agril Engg), 1988

M.Tech.(Agril Process Engg), 1991

Ph. D. (Dairy Engineering), 2015

Dr. PDKV, Akola

Dr. PDKV, Akola

NDRI, Karnal


  • Coordinated 4 EDPs of 1 month, 7 WETPs, 2 Farmers Training Program, 3 Tribal Development Training Programs, 1 ICAR funded training Program on Essentials of Dairy Business
  • Supervised the construction of the new College Building and the Students’ Dairy Plant.

Area of Interest /Expertise:

  • Completed 5 externally funded Research and Development Projects as PI and Co-PI.
  • Developed Process Protocol for Image Analysis and its application for determination of adulteration in Cow ghee with vegetable fat.
  • Recipient of 4 Best Poster Presentation Awards
  • Authored 2 Books, 4 Practical Manuals

Contact Detail:e_mail: pgwasnik@gmail.com, Cell phone: +91-9422866519


Assistant Professor

B.Tech. (Agril Engg), 1984

M.Tech (Dairy & Food Engineering), 1986 

Dr. PDKV, Akola

IIT, Kharagpur

Career Profile:

  • Started career as Assistant Professor of Agricultural Engineering, College of Agriculture, Pune, under MPKV, Rahuri, Feb, 1987 to Nov,1996
  • Joined as Assistant Professor (Dairy Engineering), College of Dairy Technology, Warud (Pusad), Nov, 1996.
  • Shouldered the additional charge of the Head, Department of Computer Science, Mathematics And Statistics
  • Contributed for publication of six practical manuals for B.Tech. (Dairy Technology) course curriculum, three research papers.

Contact Detail:Department of Dairy Engineering, College of Dairy Technology, Warud (Pusad), Distt.- Yavatmal, Maharashtra-445 204, e_mail: waseempusad@hotmail.com,    07233-247268 (Extn-211)and 248696(Extn-211)


Assistant Professor

B.Tech. (Dairy Tech), 2003

M.Tech (Dairy Engineering), 2006 

MAFSU, Nagpur

AAU-Anand (Gujarat)


  • More than 8 years of experience of Teaching.
  • Co-PI of 2 research Schemes implemented at the College
  • Guided 1 M Tech (Dairy Engineering) student for Masters Research
  • Coordinated 11 Training Programs.
  • Authored 2 Books (Marathi), edited 3 books/souvenirs and few Manuals.
  • Received 3 Best poster Presentation Awards.
  • Life Membership of 4 Scientific Societies

Area of Interest /Expertise:

  • Mechanization of Indigenous Dairy Product
  • Energy Conservation and use of Renewable Energies
  • Milk Condensation and Drying Plants Industrial Refrigeration Systems

Contact Detail:

e_mail: anantdhotre@yahoo.com, Phone: 07233-247268 (Extn-302), Cell: 8275393876


Assistant Professor

B.Tech. (Dairy Tech), 2000

M.Tech (Dairy Engineering), 2003 

Dr. PDKV, Akola

NDRI, Karnal, Haryana


  • Work experience of National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal
  • Industrial training at Nestle India Ltd, Samalkha, Haryana.
  • Shouldered the responsibility as Co-Investigator of 1 Research Scheme.
  • Organized 3rd Alumni Convention and National Seminar Dairy Industry: Technological Scenario and Career Prospects as Organizing Secretary.Co-authored 5 manuals and 1 Book
  • Completed 2 externally funded research schemes as Co-Investigator.
  • Co-ordinated 1 workshop and 2 training programs.
  • Conducted Online Examination for B.Tech. (Dairy Technology) students
  • Attended 7 national /international seminars.
  • Recognized external examiner for Bihar Agricultural University and West Bengal University of Animal and Fishery Sciences, Kolkata.

Area of Interest /Expertise:

  • Design parameters for Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Mechanization of Traditional Indigenous Dairy Products

Contact Detail:

e-mail:nitinkhodwe@rediffmail.com, Phone: 07233-247268, (Extn: 303), Cellphone: +91-9422864745


Attendant (Adhoc)

SSC, 1988.

ITI (Electrical Wireman), 1990.

MS CIT (Mathematics), 2012.

Amravati Board

BTB, Mumbai


  • Work experience of more than 11 Years.

Area of Interest /Expertise:

  • Electrical wiring, fitting and troubleshooting.


PeonEight Class, 1988.Amravati Board


  • Work experience of more than 11 Years.

Area of Interest /Expertise:

  • Electrical wiring, fitting and troubleshooting.
Research Papers:12
Scientific Papers:55
Popular articles:38
Book / Chapters:10
Practical Manuals:10

Administrative Charges handled by the department staff

  1. I/c Associate Dean
  2. Assistant Registrar cum Comptroller
  3. Training and Placement Cell
  4. College Library
  5. Estate Officer
  6. Student Training Dairy Plant
  7. Student Welfare
  8. Technical Assistance to Dean
  9. College Vehicles
  10. Research Coordination
  11. Public Liaison
  12. Secretary, Dairy Technology Faculty
  13. Civil and Electrical Works

University Recommendations from Departmental Research

      Most acceptable Santra Burfi can be prepared by blending 10 % fresh Santra Pulp and 90 % Khoa-Sugar mixture. The texture Profile values of hardness, cohesiveness adhesiveness, springiness and gumminess were 1.357 N, 0.277 N, 0.177 mm, and 0.202 N respectively. The initial water activity of sugar burfi at 23.91 % moisture content (DB) ranges between 0.8-0.9 at 25 °C to 40 °C.